About Us


Pristine Carpet Cleaning began offering its services back in 2001 as a team of professional carpet cleaners looking to provide London customers with exceptional services.

With well over 40 years of combined experience in the carpet cleaning industry, we’ve quickly started expanding our team and coverage areas, and we are now proudly able to cover all the areas in London.

Why we are different and so popular

What makes us different is our focus on providing excellent customer services, a “satisfaction guaranteed or we re-clean for free”, and exceptionally well trained and well prepared staff for any situation that might arise.

Take it from us, in the carpet cleaning industry, no two jobs are alike and everyday there’s always something different to tackle.

Whilst today it might be a carpet that’s been stained with nail polish or red wine, tomorrow it might as well be an oriental rug that has been exposed to water damage.

In any situation, our team of fully vetted and highly qualified carpet cleaners are ready to tackle the problem and get outstanding results.

Our qualifications and accreditation from the industry’s leading trainers

They come well prepared, both in terms of qualifications and accreditation from the industry’s leading training bodies, as well as in terms of chemicals, carpet cleaning materials and equipment required to do a truly professional job.

In everything we do, we bring great results and an exceptional service to the customer. And, as proof, we have over 90% client retention rate and our customer testimonials are there to back our work and experience, as well as our carpet cleaning results.

You can rely on our carpet cleaning technicians

No matter what problem you have with the stains on your carpet, or if you want to give them a new life, Pristine Carpet Cleaning is there to do it professionally for you.