• Are the chemicals you use safe, might I get an allergy from them?
  • If you or someone who lives with you are proned to allergies, our carpet cleaning technicians have the right chemicals that won’t affect them in any way.
    We always use carpet cleaning chemicals that are according to British Standards, can remove the existing stains on your carpet and will also eliminate dust mites.
  • Do you really have to use carpet cleaning chemicals?
  • That depends on the type of stains you have on your rugs or carpets. If the stains are too difficult to remove using the regular shampoo and detergents, our fully trained and qualified technicians will go for the more powerful chemicals. But don’t worry, we inspect the carpets prior to starting work and we let you know exactly what we’re going to do. And we only use British Standards approved chemicals.
  • Will the carpets shrink after your technicians have cleaned them?
  • At Pristine Carpet Cleaning, we are fully accredited by the NCCA and fully trained to use the best chemicals available on the market. These chemicals eliminate dust mites and are approved by British Standards.
    In the event that your carpet or rug might shrink, our technicians will inform you beforehand, as they inspect them and consult with you before starting their work.
  • Do I have to clean the room before your technicians arrive at the property?
  • Ideally, all you could do is to remove the fragile items in the room, such as glassware and porcelains, as well as small pieces of furniture that might get in the way.
    Pristine Carpet Cleaning has expert technicians and they can advise you when they arrive at the property on what should be done, as well as help you clear the unnecessary items out.
  • Can you guarantee that all the stains on my carpets and rugs will get removed?
  • No one in the industry can guarantee that. It all depends on the time the stains have been there for, as well as on the type of stains they are (such as: wine, paint, nail removal and so on). What we can do for you is to inspect the rugs and carpets beforehand and to inform you exactly on the right course of action.
  • What happens to damage done at the property whilst having the carpets cleaned?
  • The chances of damage being done at your place whilst our carpet cleaning technicians do their job are really, really low. That’s because they are highly trained and very experienced and do these kind of things on a daily basis.
    However, should something of this nature arise, we are fully insured so you won’t have to pay anything extra, so both you and our teams are covered
  • Do you use steam when cleaning carpets and removing stains?
  • Yes, we use the latest equipment available on the market today. It sprays moisture particles onto your carpets and rugs that look like steam but are not really steam. Traditional carpet cleaners do use steam or older machines but they don’t get nowhere near the results we get.
  • How about the black lines around the edges of my carpets: can you remove them?
  • Yes, our technicians will remove the black lines around the carpets at your property. From our experience, we’ve never had a problem removing the black lines as we use the latest equipment available our there.

Care to add your own carpet cleaning questions?

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