Rug Cleaning


Pristine Carpet Cleaning prides itself on providing rug cleaning services that no one can match in terms of results and experience.

We are fully trained to properly care for rugs of all types, from wool pile and cotton pile to knit, antique and Oriental rugs.

The types of rugs we clean

No two rugs are the same, so our expert technicians are the best advisers on how to clean acrylic, handmade, machine made and even delicate, traditional rugs simply by inspecting them and advising you on the best course of action to take.

They will also use the most suitable rug cleaning solution that removes the stains, cleans the rug and refreshes it.

How we clean your rugs

Cleaning rugs is usually done by our NCCA trained technicians wither through the dry cleaning or the wet cleaning techniques.

The dry cleaning technique is used by our staff on antiques, silk and oriental (Asian) rugs as they are more fragile and prone to damage or colour run.

The wet cleaning technique (also known as hot water injection or steam rug cleaning) we use to clean your rugs injects hot water deep into its fibres. Immediately afterwards, we use powerful dual hoover machines to extract the water as well as dust, dirt and dust mites.

The result, in both cases, is a clean rug that’s had its life extended and smells fresher than ever before.

What we guarantee for you

We can guarantee our rug cleaning services by giving you a free re-clean, should anything go wrong.

And don’t worry, we are fully insured to carry out even the most difficult rug cleaning jobs, so your rugs are in safe hands.