Upholstery Cleaning


One of the things we do best is to clean upholstery exactly the way they should.

That usually comes with our experience in the upholstery cleaning business, as well as because of the continuous training our technicians undertake.

So you can rest assured that we do know what we’re doing, whether it’s a sofa, a mattress or any other type of upholstery.

How we clean upholstery items, in simple steps

To put things into perspective, our technicians will inspect and consult with you every time, prior to starting to clean your upholstery items.

The usual route involves using either a dry or a wet cleaning system to remove the stains on your upholstery.

Dry cleaning is the preferred choice when dealing with delicate fabrics, so our technicians will use it on curtains or similar items. On the other hand, wet cleaning involves high pressure steam that will remove even the toughest stains.

Why we recommend regularly having your upholstery items cleaned

Well, apart from the obvious reason that your upholstery will look much more refreshed and have a new life, you’ll also extend their life.

A great help in this situation are the chemicals we use: they’re eco-friendly and conform to British Standards so no harmful agents get involved in the process.

Also, all our upholstery cleaning technicians have the best training available, recommended by the NCCA standards so they’re the most advised persons to inspect, let you know and properly clean your upholstery.

You can rely on our upholstery cleaners

In other words, we’ll tell you exactly what the best course of action is and we will professionally clean your upholstery items.

Plus we’ll give you a free re-clean should anything go wrong.